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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answer to the most frequently asked questions here. Please select a category from below to view the related questions and answers. We hope that you can find an answer to the question that you have on this page however should you have any further questions or doubts regarding anything please do not hesitate to put yourself in contact with us. For details on how to do this please consult our Contact Us page found towards the top right of the page.


What file types are valid for imprinting my products?
To attain maximum imprint quality, you should send us the files in vector-graphics format: Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF), Freehand (FH), and CorelDraw (CDR). If this is not possible, then PSD, PDF, TIF, JPG or GIF are also valid formats, as long as image size is 100% imprint size minimum, with 300 ppi minimum resolution. Should you have none of these formats, please consult us.
How can I send my artwork?
You can send your artwork via E-mail, to our Artwork department
What additional information should I send for product imprint?
You should send all the additional specifications for imprinting (specific positions where imprints should be placed, desired sizes, etc.) either as text in your E-mail, or as a text file attachment. Besides, if your company wants to use specific colours, it is advisable that you specify the Pantone codes (PMS). You can select the desired colours here. In case your company has a "Corporate Image Manual" please send us a copy, that will help us to understand your public "look and feel".
What if I want specific colours?
No problem. You only have to give us the PMS codes. If you do not have them, you may pick your desired colours from here and specify PMS codes in an attached document with the explanations. Please notice that the particular properties of the surface of the objects to be imprinted may introduce slight colour differences in the final result.

How can I place an order?
You can place an order directly, as soon as you have your quotation ready. If you like, you can save the quotation in your personal area, and issue the order within the next 15 days, either from the E-mail sent to you when the quotation was saved, or from your personal area.
Is it possible to modify or delete an order?
You can cancel or delete an order if it is not in production phase or already delivered. (See General Sales Conditions for more information on this subject).
Can I order any size I want?
YES. Our best advice: choose at least two sizes, to account for size differences in the population. "That is what makes this world a beautiful place".
Is there a minimum order amount to be met?
There is a minimum order amount, varying depending if the items requested are to be imprinted or not. Said minimum will be shown when making a quotation. From a certain minimum order amount, which varies according to the country you are ordering from, transportation to any destination within the EU will have no additional cost for the customer, provided minimum order criteria are met (see General Sales Conditions). The system will automatically show if your order this minimum amount established. Nevertheless, if you want to know the minimum order amount for your country, feel free to consult our Customer Service department at any time.
Is there a minimum order quantity to be met?
With the exception of some specific Tailor-made items, the answer is NO. You can order any quantities, provided that the minimum order amount of money is met. Please notice that the per-unit price of imprinted products is increased if quantities are decreased, since fixed costs of imprint process (e.g. photolites) do not change with quantities.
When will an order be considered "confirmed"?
When you receive our E-mail specifying conformity with all order aspects and make the order payment (if your company does not have an open credit line), your order will be considered "confirmed".
Can I order "imprintless" goods?
YES. All of our products, without imprints, are available for delivery in a shorter period of time than the same products with imprints.
How can I send you the files you should use to imprint my items?
Once your order is issued, we will send you an E-mail requesting the files needed for the imprint of your products; you should send a file for each imprint position. We will appreciate that you send also an additional file with all the specifications that you consider opportune. (See "Artwork & Printing").
Will I see an imprint simulation before production process launching?
ALWAYS. The E-proof will be sent to you via E-mail. We will NEVER imprint your products without your explicit E-mail approval.
Will I receive the exact item quantities reflected in my order?
For custom articles, like candy, mouse pads, etc., there might be a +/- 10% difference between quantity ordered and quantity received. Excess items are yours for free. If delivered quantities are smaller than ordered quantities, we will pay you back the difference.
When do my products enter the production phase?
First, you should approve all order specifications (quantities, price and delivery time). After that, if your company does not have an open credit line with us, you should make the payment, either by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. At this moment, the order is considered "confirmed but still not approved for imprint"; meaning that we need your approval regarding imprint(s) to start the production process. As soon as we receive your explicit approval for said imprint(s), the products will enter the production phase.
How long does it take to deliver an order?
If your product does not have imprints, order delivery will take from 3 to 5 days, depending on destination. If the product have imprint(s) it will take from 20 to 30 days most of the time. Nevertheless, these estimations are affected by the specific products requested, quantities involved, and the locations where the products are stored. It should be understood that the delivery time specified when the order is "confirmed" applies just for the delivery address you requested. If your order is needed for an event, convention, fair or the like with a specific start date, we will appreciate to be informed as early as possible; this helps us to deliver the goods within your specific deadline.
How can I repeat an order?
To repeat an order, you can create the same order as a new one, or you can send an E-mail to our Customer Service department, specifying the original purchase order number, and quantities/products that you want to re-order. You do not have to send imprint files again.
I need you to add my Purchase Order Number to the invoice
Just send an E-mail with this request to our Customer Service department. Your PO number will be printed in both the packing list and the invoice, to facilitate product identification.

How can I register myself?
You can register at any time, from any screen of the website. If you are not registered and you want to save a quotation, you should register first.
Do I have to register to navigate the site?
No. Please, feel free to navigate our website, your visit will be our pleasure. Registration data is needed only if you want to make a purchase or save a quotation in our system.
What is the purpose of registration?
Registration grants you access to several utilities in your private area, to handle quotations and orders. Besides, you may receive, if you wish, useful information about offers, news.
How can I modify or delete my data?
If you want to modify your data, you can do this by logging into your personal area. You could also send an E-mail to our Customer Service department. If you want to cease your registration, please send an E-mail to our Customer Service department
What can I do in my personal area?
You can save, modify, delete or confirm your quotations, or request samples related to your effective quotations. You will also be able to modify your personal data and your password.

How can I request a sample?
You can request samples of any products you wish, provided that you have previously asked for a quotation including those products first. To do that, you should log into your personal area, and once you have selected a quotation, you will be able to request one sample for each item included in said quotation. You can also request samples directly from the quotation that was sent to you. Even though the samples are not free, their cost will be discounted from your order when you confirm it.
How much do I have to pay for samples?
The price of the samples will always be equal to the price of the products plus a fixed cost for transportation and handling. Please notice that if you want to request more than one sample of different items, it is better to select several samples and include them all in the same delivery, since that reduces transportation costs. Once your order has been confirmed, we will automatically make a discount equal to the amount paid for the related samples. Samples will be delivered to you free of charge if your company becomes a habitual client and after receival of approval from the Commercial Department of Europromotional Products.
How can I pay for a sample?
To shorten delivery times, you should make the payment by either credit card or PayPal, if your company has not previously opened a credit line with us. If you can not use a credit card for payment, please contact our Customer Service department
How long does it take to deliver the samples?
Samples are not all stored in the same warehouse; usually, they have to be gathered in a single location before delivery. Final destination is also influential. Consequently, delivery times may vary from two to four working days.
May I request samples of all the products in your catalogue?
Samples for about 95% of the products of our catalogue are available, but for some specially manufactured or custom products it is not possible for us to deliver samples. For instance, if you want a custom-shaped keyring, we will not be able to provide a sample. In such case, we could send you a standard keyring for material quality evaluation.
Will you give me an e-proof?
E-proof, or virtual sample, will be always available for every order and will be sent to you via E-mail. Furthermore, we will not imprint your products until we have your approval of the virtual sample.

How can I contact Customer Service?
In many occasions, we will not be able to give you an immediate answer because your questions will have to be transferred to other departments of our company, to the imprint shops, or even to the product manufacturers. Therefore, we advise you to perform your consultation in writing, using the Contact Form, where an additional file with your needs can be attached if necessary. Or you could send an E-mail to our Customer Service department. You can also contact us by phone, if you prefer this method. Our numbers are 0034 918047540 (Spain) or 0044 2033554966 (UK). Besides, you can contact us through our online chat system, clicking on the "Now Online" icon located at the header of the website pages.
How can I give you my opinion about your services?
We will highly appreciate your comments; your feedback will help us in improving our services. You can use the testimonial form located in the "Testimonials" section of the website. If you want to send them in writing, please use the following address:

EuroPromotional Products
Sector Descubridores, 36
28760 Tres Cantos - Madrid (Spain)

You can also send an E-mail to:

Which payment types are accepted?
If you are not a classified client yet, you should pay by bank transfer, PayPal system or using one the following credit cards: VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, or 4B. If you are a Europromotional Products classified client, you can pay for your order as stated in previously agreed conditions, or you can use one of the aforementioned methods.
Are credit card payments at your website secure?
Credit card payments are totally safe at our website. They are made through secure payment gateway directly to our bank (Banco de Santander); our company never knows anything about credit card data involved in the operation. When you make a credit card payment, you are doing it in the secure environment of our bank.
How can I open a credit line?
Your first order should always be paid for in advance. Afterwards, if you want to open a credit line, just issue a request via E-mail to our Customer Service department. Our Financial Department will study your request, then a corporate account will be created in our system and a credit line opened for you as soon as possible. Please notice that this process takes from 4 to 7 days; if you just confirmed an order, it will not be processed until credit line is opened. In this case, if your order needs to be delivered urgently, you should make your payment by bank transfer or credit card; this allows us to process your order in the shortest possible time.
When and how will I receive the invoice?
Invoices will be sent always at payment time (clients without credit line) or when the merchandise leaves our facilities (clients with open credit line). Nevertheless, if you want a hard copy of the invoice, please feel free to request it to our Customer Service department.

How can I request a quotation?
From product cards, you should add the items to the shopping cart, specifying quantities and desired imprint(s) for each item. Afterwards you will be able to save the quotation from the shopping cart, for ulterior confirmation or conversion into an order.
Can I request quotations for different quantities, colours and imprints of the same product references?
Yes. If you want to know prices for different quantities or imprints of a given product, you should include several lines in the shopping cart, in accordance with the desired combinations. You will be able to delete unwanted lines from the quotation later; this should be done always before confirmation of the order.
What are "imprint positions" and how they affect the prices?
Imprint positions are the different spots where we can imprint your product. For instance, if you want to purchase a T-shirt and have it imprinted only on the chest, you should indicate a single imprint position and type. But if you want to imprint the T-shirt on the chest, on a sleeve and on the back, you should choose three imprint positions; for each one of them, the system will ask for specific information (imprint type and number of colours when applicable). You will be able to specify if you want imprints or not, and the number of imprint positions in the former case. In certain cases, it is possible to imprint the product in more positions than the maximum allowed by the system. E.g.: an umbrella has 6 maximum imprint positions by default, but you could specify additional imprints for the handle and the two remaining sections, if you like. Please, consult us in such cases.
What information is needed for item quotation?
To be able to give you an exact price, we need to know for each item: desired colour, the quantity for each colour and the number of imprint positions, imprint type and required imprint colours, in case imprints are desired. This data should be entered into the system as required.
What information about me or my company is needed to obtain a quotation?
NONE. You can obtain and save your quotation in your personal area by just entering your name, country and email. We will need more information only if you want to request samples from your personal area, or convert the quotation into an order.
What is included in the prices shown in product cards?
Item prices (imprints not included) per unit product, as a function of total quantity requested and including transportation to final destination within the EU, provided minimum order criteria is met. In some cases, where weight/volume ratio for the shipment is unusually high, additional transportation charges might be added. You will always be informed before processing your order, in case these charges apply.
What is included in the price shown in the quotation?
Quotation includes item prices with imprints (if requested) without additional charges, and transportation within the EU, provided minimum order criteria are met. In some cases, where weight/volume ratio for the shipment is unusually high, additional transportation charges might be added. You will always be informed before processing your order, in case these charges apply. Taxes, when applicable, are not included.
What is the validity of quotation prices?
Quotation prices are valid for 15 days from date of issue.
Are quotation prices subject to change without notice?
NEVER. Quoted prices will not change until quotation validity expires. Even after order processing, variations in raw material or transportation costs will not affect your price. Once an order has been processed, our prices will never change.
What can I do if I do not find in your website the product I am looking for?
Europromotional Products has more than 200,000 located and catalogued items worldwide. The website shows only the most requested items, to keep website usability and product finding simple. If you can not locate in our website the product you need and you want a quotation from us, please use the Contact Form and send us a photo of the product, if possible. Should you have seen the product in a catalog or website of other promotional gift distributor, having this reference could be very useful. We always guarantee better quotation prices for the same product and service.

How much do I have to pay for transportation?
Our delivery policy inside the European Union is to send the merchandise without any transportation costs for the customer to a single destination, and in a single delivery operation, by means of a carrier service that guarantees delivery arrival to destination on time, as long as "minimum order amount" criteria are met (See Minimum Order in the Ordering Information Section). Nevertheless, as in some occasions your needs do not reach the "minimum order amount", we provide the option on making smaller orders by paying a minimum transportation fee. If you wish to receive the merchandise at different delivery addresses, or/and in different dates (partial deliveries), please notify us before quotation is confirmed, in order to make an estimation of the extra transportation charges. In some cases, where weight/volume of the shipment is unusually high, additional transportation charges might be added. You will always be informed before processing your order, in case these charges apply.
What happens if I find open or damaged boxes when my merchandise arrives?
Our merchandise is always checked and in perfect state when it leaves our warehouse. Nevertheless, in some occasions and for causes beyond our control, problems may arise during transportation. In such cases, please proceed as directed to avoid further problems and to solve this inconveniencies as fast as possible. If you find opened, damaged or tampered with packages, missing packages or any other irregularity at delivery time, you should record those irregularities clearly in the packing list of the transporter. This is very important; just check the number of packages and their state at delivery time, this will take only a few minutes. We regret to say that if you do not record in the packing list all problems found at the moment of merchandise arrival, we will not be able to help you, and the responsibility will not be ours.
What if I am not satisfied with my merchandise?
Once your merchandise arrives, you have 7 days to issue any claims regarding product imprint or quality. Although there is no easy answer to this question, the GOOD news is we are here to help. All of the products featured on our website are hand-picked by our team of experts and must meet an extensive list of requirements before being available for sale via the website. EuroPromotional Products stands behind every product it sells and does everything in its power to control the possible deviations from our quality standards that could affect imprint, product, and colour variables during customization. We are committed to delivering a quality product to our customers within the agreed timeframe, and imprinted according to customer's exact specifications. At the same time, it is also reasonable to assume, for example, that a flashlight combo carabineer that includes a battery, watch, and compass for only 1 €, is not intended for extensive or outdoor use. Unless stated elsewhere, all products featured on are intended for promotional purposes only. We make our best effort to advise you on quality and to suggest the best product for every situation, budget, and need. When placing an order, if you are concerned about quality, please do not hesitate in consulting your sales advisor or requesting a sample at any time before order processing begins.
How can I return the merchandise?
Should you have any problems with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your merchandise. We urge you to inspect your merchandise upon arrival in order to facilitate the resolution of any claims. Do not return the merchandise to us without receiving a written approval, as it will be refused. If you receive a written approval we will advise the correct shipping address for your return. We will assist you in resolving your claim if your order has not been produced as requested or is defective in manufacture.
What if I want the transportation done by another agency?
You are welcome to do so. If you trust your transporter, so do we. We will help you to pay for transportation charges, making a 3% discount from your order total. In this case, we will decline any responsibility for the problems that might arise during transportation.
Can you deliver my order to several addresses?
Our merchandise is sent without any transportation costs for the customer to a single destination and in a single delivery operation. If you need us to transport the goods to several addresses, please let us know before quotation is confirmed, since this style of delivery implies extra transportation costs that should be accepted by you before merchandise departure.