Promotional Summer Items – branding throughout the holidays!

May 3, 2013 at 17:02

branded beach umbrella

It´s very common for companies to give out promotional summer items? Why is this and what are the best items to give?

Summer can often be a difficult time for business´. A lot of people take vacations around July/August and so things seem to slow down quite a lot. This however, doesn´t mean that your marketing can´t continue throughout summer. In fact, a small giveaway can go a long way and keep your brand in your clients´ mind even when they´re away on vacation.

The most typical promotional items such as USB´s, Pens, Pencils, Mugs etc. make great products throughout the year – and even in summer – however, there are also many products specifically designed for this year meaning that your branded merchandise will have the biggest impact.


What kind of summer items are available? Here´s just a small selection:


  • Frisbees – the beach classic, fun for all the family. The large and highly visible printing area makes them an excellent choice. Also highly cost-effective. One of the classic promotional summer items.
Branded Beach Ball
  • Beach towels/Mats – the towels are one of the higher end products but look fantastic with your company´s logo on and for larger orders they can even be made-to-order. Beach Mats are a cheaper alternative and are sure to make a big impact with your clients.
  • Cooler-bags – very useful and as such are likely to be used long after summer has passed. There are many styles available from 1-2€ up to 10€ for sturdier and higher-quality gifts.
  • Beach Balls – nothing says it´s summer quite like this gift. There are many colours available and there is a crisp printing area available for your logo. The big advantage with these is the cost as they are available from under 1,00€ making them an ideal giveaway.
  • Promotional Hand Fans – another product that is unlikely to be thrown away. Can be printed on the fabric or on the handle and one of our most popular branded items.

Here we´ve given just a small selection of the fantastic promotional summer items that are available. To see a larger selection of our items please click here.

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