Never Underestimate the Power of Keyrings as Promotional Items!

March 12, 2013 at 10:53
Promotional keyringSomeone once told me that if I want to make an impact with my corporate gift I must choose big items, you know, like a coffee mug, a calendar or a suitcase. I partly agree with that, but my mother once taught me: “Powerful flagrances come in small bottles”. Thing is, I always listen to my mother; who doesn’t?

Therefore, I started thinking: could smaller merchandise, such as keyrings have the same impact as a wall calendar?
Promotional keyrings for clientsWell, I believe my mother was right. I will not make a comparison between a branded keyring and the wall calendar because each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

What I want to highlight today is that the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to find a promotional product that conveys the image of your business in a perfect manner. The kind we all carry around key rings in our pockets, purses, backpacks, the ones we throw on the hallway when we get home or the ones we cannot find when we are late for work. I could tell a number of stories about mine :) But I will only show why they make such great gifts in spite of their size.

 Advantages of keyrings as a corporate gift

  • Promotional keyrings impress through variety – square, round, coin holders, bottle-openers, plastic, metal, glass, PVC, LED lights, tape measure, anti-stress etc. This means that they can be suitable for any event – a keyring with crayons would be perfect for kids. A solid metal logo is ideal for corporate clients or business partners.
  • Key rings can be customized in metal of PVC, metal, leather. Plastic key rings are the least inexpensive and can be used in large corporate events or trade shows. Leather or metal key rings are a bit more expensive and generally used as a gift for executives or business partners.
  • Price: they are very cheap – from as little as €0, 25 without printing.
  • Perfect printing area for a clean logo, business name or simple text.
  • Durability is another quality. One main aspect of their long time life span is that people can always make use of a key ring. Car keys, house keys, garage keys, locker-room keys, office keys – the list could go on and on. Therefore, there is a low possibility that people won’t use it or throw it away.

Just have a look at our wide keyring range.