Eco-Friendly Marketing for Your Business with Promotional Cotton Bags

January 9, 2013 at 11:40

Promotional cotton bags

Have you heard the latest fashion news? No, I am not talking about shoes, dresses or makeup colors. The latest trends in promotional items indicate cotton bags to use for advertising your business.

Besides the well-known benefits that usually come with such versatile items such as cotton bags, let me tell you one word: green. With so many people going green lately, supporting the environmental move that has taken over the planet, these bags have become an exceptionally useful and of course, environmentally friendly item to advertise one’s business.

Cotton bags make great promotional products for a number of reasons besides saving the planet from those ugly, non-degradable plastic bags or paper bags. Companies in fields ranging from the financial industry to the not-for-profit organizations can use them as part of their marketing campaign. Recipients can take their textile bags to the mall, to the gym, to the fresh market and even on vacation. Anywhere they go, they will provide excellent exposure for your company.

Coloured promotional cotton bagsCatching colors

Branded cotton bags can be produced in a number of trendy colors. It’s like organizing your own fashion show! Blue, white, grey, green or pink, with abstract designs or trendy patterns are just few options to be used by offering companies.Stylish looks are not hard to achieve. You can choose any shape and size, such as rectangular, round, any given shape. Cotton is easy to work with so you can choose any look, add little pockets, just anything you want.



I got to be honest. I always carry a cotton bag I once received at a trade show in my purse. I got it… let me see… three years ago. But I love it; every time I get back from work I go to the supermarket to buy groceries for dinner. And I always use it. It’s stylish, resistant and handy, whenever I need it. For the past three years.


I won’t even waste time trying to talk about how and when you can use promotional cotton bags. You can use it anywhere, whether you buy some apples or you go to the beach to carry your towel and why not, while shopping for Christmas decorations. Unlimited option when it comes to functionality.

fashionable printed cotton bag

Wide target

Targets audience of any age from kids to grannies. My daughter absolutely loves to carry around her dolls and doll accessories in a small sized cotton bag we once got from a chocolate company. Teens can use it when they go shopping for jeans or grannies can use it when they go buy their newspaper and bagel in the morning.

Space for your message

The large printing area on both sides of the bag gives excellent marketing opportunities. The logo or business message printed on the item will be carried around and seen by many, leading to increased brand awareness.

Eco friendly

Choosing products from recycled material makes your brand create a positive business image. There are plenty of ecological bags to choose from!

Cotton bags are practical, environmentally –friendly and they offer excellent branding opportunities. Cotton canvas is a naturally growing fiber that makes them biodegradable and eco friendly. Actually they can be used daily and not showing any signs of wear. Durability thus makes them highly appreciated by the receiver but also by the companies using them as branded items, since their logo and company name will be displayed without reservation. In addition, using cotton bags will help you feature the reduction of traditional plastic bags. Customers will see you as a company with strong environmental values and will try to find out more about your business mission and products/services.