Promotional Items for the Sweet Toothed!

February 5, 2013 at 18:24

Promotional sweetsTell me something: when was the last time you had a bar of chocolate? What about a delicious, tasty candy? Hmm, unless you are on a diet, I am pretty sure it wasn’t such a long time ago.

Everybody loves sweets: from the insatiable children who would eat just about anything that‘s sweet and colorful, to women, men or grandparents… .

However, not many companies choose to use candy as promotional items. Well, there is a good side and a bad side. Good news first right?

Since not many companies use them as corporate gifts, you already have a huge advantage. Clients will surely remember that sweet, tasty treat they received from you instead of a classic gift like a pen. I will get back to the long list of advantages immediately after I break out the bad news. Just to release the tension :) . Handing sweets as advertising gift is great but the only problem is the short life span. Good, so you give it, client takes it, appreciates the idea but… eats it. What happens after? He will surely throw away the wrapper you used to print your business name and logo, probably main contact details. So, we recommend use the candy as part of a gift bag or associated with a long span impact promotional item.

There is something about chocolate, candy and other yummy goodies that make people’s eyes light up. It could be the amazingly  taste, the joyful colors or even nostalgia for childhood. Whatever it is, I can surely say one thing: people love free candy! When I say people, I can refer to many categories of people: prospects, loyal clients, employees, colleagues, business partners, you name it. Ok.

Top five reasons why it’s worthy to add some promotional sweets to your goody bag:

1) Variety when it comes to colors, flavors and sweets types

Ooh, the choices available for promotional candy are pretty overwhelming! What would it be for a … toys company? Strawberry flavored candy, banana chocolate or… maybe milk chocolate bars. Anything kids would love of course! You pick and collect the response from your receivers!

2) Versatility

Promotional sweets can be used in conjunction with other branded items with a longer life span. However, they can be easily added to corporate gift packages, wedding totems, gift packs, trade-shows, children’s events…

3) Printing on wrappers.

Yes, you can print your logo and business name on the sweets wrappers. It will be a cure and colorful addition to your gift bag. Without mentioning the smile you will get from each receiver after they taste your delicious gift.

4) Affordable

Promotional sweets are a relatively cheap way to get a lot of corporate gifts – individual cost is very low. Our lollipops start at 0,11€ each.

Promotional candy  just goes straight to the heart. A piece of chocolate or a tasty candy will always bring a smile on people’s faces. And this is why branded sweets can bring you a huge advantage in front of your competitors.