“Upgrade” Your Business Brand with Mouse Mats in Full Color

December 18, 2012 at 12:41

personalised mouse mats

The 21st century has brought us countless advantages, but perhaps the greatest gift of all was the gift of technology and communication. Keeping in touch with people from all over the world, easier work tasks and access to information could only be possible with the help of computers and the internet. In almost each home we can find today desk computers, laptops, tablets or I-pads. We are sure you wonder where we are trying to get to…

If you are a company that looks for an excellent promotional item, we strongly suggest you to consider personalised mouse pads. The reason is very clearly explained above. Wherever there are computers, you will find them, even if the devices have a touch screen.

Did you know that studies indicate that a person spends at least 9 hours a day in front of the computer?

Well this is definitely good news for anyone planning a ‘killer’ marketing campaign, especially if you are targeting computer users.

Mouse mats can be easily imprinted with your company name and logo in full color and they are also cost effective. They make great promotional items for IT businesses (products or services). However, they can boost work productivity of they are offered as gifts for employees who work with the computer 8 hours a day.  Due to the large surface area available for printing, corporate mouse mats are widely used in marketing campaigns or the reward loyalty, perseverance.

  • The revolutionary printing techniques allow an effortless customization with any design, colors and logo.
  • Pads in full color are very popular promotional items, leading to an increased brand recognition and higher visual impact.
  • The large surface allows you to print the company name, logo, the website address and even contact numbers. This way, the recipient can contact you at all times, whenever he/she needs your products/services.
  • Exercise your creativity by designing an attractive and relevant mouse pad. Choose from an extensive range of colors and designs, and make sure your logo and company name are the centre of attention.
  • Keep in mind that any promotional gift you handle to your clients, prospect clients or employees represents your company and what you stand for.

promotional mouse pad

If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of using mouse mats as promotional items, here are some other qualities. They are items that find full application in the computer’s functionality. You cannot use the mouse directly on the desk, so mats are always present. The high usage though also leads to the need of replacement, which is the perfect opportunity as corporate gift.

We also offer advanced mouse pads with integrated calculators and USB entries.

They are then a part of the daily computer usage and they get to score very high in terms of frequency index usage. Mouse mats in full color are thus a perfect option for any IT related business that wants to ‘access’ new clients or ‘upgrade’ loyalty.