Promotional Torches – light up your marketing campaign!

June 21, 2013 at 15:49

Personalised Metal TorchPromotional torches are one of the most popular branded items that we have. Why is this? Upon studying them in a little more details it´s easy to see why.


Another key feature is that they are long-lasting promotional products – especially the mid/high end. This is because they are very useful items that people don´t tend to throw away. A promotional torch will most certainly be kept either at
the office, in the car or in the home of your client. As demonstrated in another of our blogs - usefulness - is one of the key features of a successful promotional items as the longer the product remains with the potential client, the more likely that person is to remember your brand when it comes to the time of buying.


Another of the key reasons why customised flashlights are so popular is that they come in all shapes and sizes meaning they can be used for a variety of promotional purposes and events.

  • Heavy Duty – our stainless steel torches are ideal for construction companies (both as internal and external promo items). Whilst they are the most expensive option they are of extremely high quality and are very durable.
  • Torch Keyrings - if you´re looking for a cheap and cheerful torch item then these are the most cost-effective option. LED Torch Keyrings are available for less than 1,00€ and make the perfect giveaway for trade-fair events.
  • Head Torches – these make a great branded item for any outdoor/cycling company. They will ensure your logo is seen by many people and the extra-cost involved in these promotional head-torches can be offset by the quality of
    the item itself.
  • Green-Torches – our fantastic selection of branded dynamo torches are perfect for the eco-friendly culture that we live in at the moment. They make great gifts for schools, small businesses, trade-fairs, events etc. These come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to meet any need.


Clean Logo Placement

Branded flashlight

The majority of promotional torches have a fairly large printing which extends almost the full-length of the torch. This means that whenever your torch is used the logo will be fully-visible not only to the person using it but also those around. This provides great exposure for your brand and it is what most people look for when purchasing a promotional item.

The printing area, as well as being highly visible, is also a flat uninterrupted print-area provides the perfect background for your logo.


Due to the relatively large-printing area of the promotional torches it also means that you can include all of the details that you wish about your company. Smaller items can often only leave room for a logo or text but on torches there is usually room for all of that information (address, telephone, logo etc.) that you wish to put on.



If you´d like more information about our promotional torches please do not hesitate to contact us.